While we know it can feel extremely frustrating for your audio gear to stop working in the JamKazam app, it happens from time to time. Sometimes it happens due to an operating system update. Sometimes it happens due to a driver update or a driver corruption. Sometimes things just get sideways in the computer's audio subsystem. And sometimes the interactions between the driver and the JamKazam application change unexpectedly and mess things up.

If your audio interface has been working with JamKazam but suddenly stops working properly for no apparent reason, we recommend that you first try the following:

  • Check to make sure your audio interface is connected to your computer. If not's not connected, then connect it (yes this happens to us all sometimes). If it is already connected, then disconnect it and then re-connect it. Sometimes just doing this is enough to get your system working again. You can also try plugging your audio interface into different ports on your computer. Surprisingly, this can also sometimes make a difference.
  • If this doesn't work, we suggest rebooting your computer and then trying again. Sometimes things in your computer's audio subsystem get sideways, and a simple reboot can clear things up.
  • If you are using a Windows computer, this can also be caused by a problem with the ASIO driver for your interface - either that your driver is out-dated and needs an update, or that your driver has somehow become corrupted. Not having the latest driver installed for your interface can cause a shocking variety of problems - we are always surrprSo if you are on a Windows computer, we suggest following the instructions in the help article on how to find, download, and install the latest version of your ASIO driver. Then try again, and see if your interface is found and works properly.

If these actions don't clear the problem, then we suggest that you delete your existing audio profile and set up a new audio profile from scratch in the JamKazam app, as follows.

Start by clicking the large orange "Account" tile on the home page of the JamKazam app (pictured below with arrow). Be sure to do this in the JamKazam app - not the website in your browser.

You now see the Account page. Next click the orange Update button on the Audio Gear option (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Audio Profiles associated with your account. Please use the orange Delete button to delete all audio profiles other than the System Default profile (pictured below with arrow). 

Now click the Add New Gear button to start the audio setup wizard, so that you can set up your audio gear for use with the JamKazam app from scratch (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the first step of the audio setup wizard (pictured below).

From here, follow our setup wizard instructions for Mac or instructions for Windows. At the bottom of each help article, click the link that takes you forward to the help article for the next step of the setup wizard.