You may encounter a "malicious software" warning when trying to install the JamKazam app. 

This is a generic warning provided by Apple for most apps that are not installed via their AppStore.

There is no malicious code in our software and you can be sure proceeding with installation is safe. 

Here are the steps to bypass this warning message and proceed with installation:

1. Click "OK" on the malicious warning message, see the image below:

2. Go to your Mac System Settings > Privacy and Security, scroll down to the security section and click the "Open Anyway" button. (the open anyway button is not visible until you scroll down to the security section)

3. You will be prompted to enter your Mac password.

Enter your password and click the "Modify Settings " button.

4. You will see another dialog box after that, click the "Open" button again , and your app will launch.

You can proceed to sign into the app after your app launches and you reach the home screen.