Background: When Big Sur was released, some users received the error pictured below. We found a number of workarounds for it, but when Ventura was released, none of the workarounds worked. Since then, updates to earlier OS versions have made it so there were no workarounds for those versions either. 

The error prevents you from using JamKazam.

Our engineers have created an interim version of JamKazam that bypasses this issue, and it is available for download. We are now recommending it 

Download the interim version.

Download this version from:

Uninstall the previous version

1. From the finder, navigate to the Applications folder and locate JamKazam.

2. Send the JamKazam application to the trash.

3. Empty the trash.

4. Navigate to the Downloads folder and double-click the new version you downloaded.

Malicious Software Warning
You will probably get a warning about malicious software:


Bypass this message by going to 
  System Settings > Privacy and Security. 
Scroll down to Security and click Open Anyway. This enables you to run the program.

Before you run JamKazam, delete your configuration files.

If you are running Big Sur or Monterrey, and are unable to use the workarounds mentioned above, you will need to delete your configuration files manually before you run JamKazam

To delete all configuration:
1. From the Finder, navigate to:
  Mac HD/Users/[your login user name]
2. Look for a folder named ".config". If you can't see it, press Command+Shift+dot (period).
3. Open the .config folder and look for a folder named JamKazam and move it to the trash.
4. Empty the trash.
5. Restart your computer.

Start JamKazam

When you start JamKazam, a dialog opens and says there is a new version and prompts  you to upgrade..

Do not click update!
Click in the dialog, then press “CTRL  N” to bypass the upgrade message
Note: You will have to bypass this dialog this each time you start JamKazam.

1. Once at theJamKazam home page, click the Account tile, and click Update on the Audio gear line, or mouse over your profile name in the upper right corner and choose Audio Gear from the dropdown menu.
2. Click Add New Gear to set up your audio interface from scratch again

Note: If you need help following these steps , please contact JamKazam Help Desk or email,  support. We'll be happy to schedule a support call for you so we can walk you through the process in real time.