Audio System Unstable - Unable to Shutdown Audio - Big Sur & Later

Important: If you are a Ventura user
Mac OS Ventura users receive the same error message when launching the app, but the workarounds below do not work. If you are running Ventura, please see this article:

To check which operating system you are using, choose About this Mac from the Apple menu.


Since the Big Sur update to Mac OS X has caused a problem for a subset of Mac users on the JamKazam app. If you see the error message below, this can be accompanied by application crashes, restarts, etc.

Please follow these steps to route audio in and out of your interface:

Open Launchpad and select the "Other" Folder. 
Launchpad is the icon located next to your finder on your dock bar.
Please see the image below:

Click on the Piano Icon labeled AUDIO / MIDI Setup.

On your Mac, go to Audio - MIDI Setup, and select your interface from the menu.
Click-use this device for sound input. (Control-click Press and hold the Control key while you click)
Click-use this device for sound output. (Control-click Press and hold the Control key while you click)

Launch JamKazam.

If the Problem Persists
If you get the audio system unstable message again, try the following:

1. Open Garage Band

2. Open Preferences

3. Click the Audio /MIDI icon

4. Choose your audio interface as the default input and output device.

Please see the image from GarageBand's Audio/MIDI settings below:

5. Launch JamKazam again.
Make sure your audio input and output are being routed through your interface.

You will need to create an audio profile for your interface in JamKazam as described in this help article:

Once you route your audio in your Mac's audio / MIDI setup and create your audio profile,  JamKazam should be able to launch without using Garageband.