We are currently working with BitDefender to not block the JamKazam installer from downloading.

If Bitdefender stops JamKazam from installing, or from doing the automatic update, here are ways to circumvent that:

Option 1: Temporarily Disable Bitdefender Web Attack Prevention


Now that Bitdefender is not preventing web downloads, proceed with downloading JamKazam in your browser, or if trying to use the JamKazam automatic update, click the UPDATE button in the JamKazam application. 

Be sure to turn your protection back on when done!

Option 2: Create a permanent exception for JamKazam

Follow the steps here from Bitdefender's support portal: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/1519/ 

When you get to Step 5, enter this value to add an exception to JamKazam's 'AWS CloudFront' host:


And then do the steps again for the following URL:


This approach should mean you only exclude JamKazam's CDN site, and never have to deal with this again.