There is a wide variety of things that can cause the JamKazam application to crash. We are aware of many of these issues and are currently working on technology upgrades that will make the application more stable and resilient, resulting in fewer crashes. This work will require several months, likely through the middle of 2021, as some of the work is quite complex - but you should see fewer and less frequent application crashes over time as we complete this work. 

When the JamKazam app does crash, it will often ask if it's OK to send a "crash dump" to us. This collects data from the crash into a file and sends this diagnostic data to us, enabling us to see where the crash happened and often what caused it. And this helps us to identify all of the places where we need to fix things. So if you are comfortable with it, please do click the button to send us the crash dump, and we'll continue to use this feedback data to improve the quality of the app, and reduce the instances where it fails and crashes.