If you are usually able to play in JamKazam sessions, but you suddenly see a "Disconnected From Server" error message that interrupts your session and/or prevents you from getting into any sessions at all, this could be caused by a couple of different problems.

Infrequently, if JamKazam's systems get overloaded or go down altogether, you may see this message, and in this case there is nothing you can do about it, as the failure is on our end. If this happens, you can let us know about it, but we probably already know and are working on the problem. This does happen pretty infrequently these days, so this will usually not be the cause.

More often this will mean you have a network access problem on your end. Typically either your Internet service has experienced an outage and is still down, or there was a "blip" in your Internet service that caused your JamKazam app to lose its connection with the JamKazam servers in the cloud, and now the application is having trouble re-establishing this connection.

So the first thing to do is to see if your Internet service is currently working properly. To do this, you can, for example, simply open a new tab in your browser, go to google.com, and run a search there. If the search works and brings back results, then it would appear your Internet service is currently working properly. If it does not, then your Internet is down, and you'll need to figure out what's up there. You can try rebooting your home router, and if that fails, contact your Internet service provider for technical support.

If you find that your Internet service is currently working properly, then it's possible there was a "blip" and that the JamKazam app is just having trouble getting re-connected properly to our servers in the cloud. In this case, we suggest that you close the JamKazam application, then restart the app, and see if the "Disconnected from Server" error message has gone away. 

If it has, great. If not, then our last suggestion would be to reboot your computer, reboot your home router, and then restart the JamKazam application.

If this last step does not clear the problem, it is likely the problem is on our end, and that we are currently working to restore service.