If you cannot sign into your JamKazam account, you need to reset your JamKazam password. 

To do this, open your browser application and go to https://www.jamkazam.com/signin. Click the "Forgot Password" yellow text link (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the Reset Your Password page. Enter the email address associated with your JamKazam account and click the orange Reset button (pictured below with arrow). 

You see the confirmation page, indicating that your reset request has been received (pictured below).

Now go to your email inbox for this email address and find the email with the subject "JamKazam Password Reset". Open this email, and click the yellow "reset password" text link (pictured below with arrow). 

Note: If you cannot find the password reset email in your inbox, the two most common causes are:

  • The password reset email may have been caught by your spam filter, so check your spam folder to see if it is there.
  • You may have entered the wrong email. Please do not discount the possibility this is the problem. Many, many users do this (us included). We all have multiple email addresses, and it's easy to get confused about which email address you used for your JamKazam account. If you enter the wrong email address, we intentionally do NOT tell you this. The reason is that if we reported wrong email addresses, then hackers can "fish/phish" for user email addresses and try to do things with this data. So if you enter the wrong email address, this will fail silently, and you simply won't get a password reset email. If it would be one of 3 or 4 email addresses, try them all to see if you can get the reset email sent to you.

When you click the reset password link in the email, this opens a new tab in your browser to the Reset Your Password page. Enter the new password you want to use for your JamKazam account, then re-enter it a second time to confirm it's correct, and click the orange Save Password button.

You now see a message confirming that your JamKazam password has been successfully changed (pictured below). 

You may now go back to our website or to the JamKazam Mac or Windows apps, and sign in using your updated password.