The JamKazam community of musicians is growing larger every month, and it's growing very simply and exclusively from the word of mouth recommendations of our existing users - i.e. you. So we thought it would be a good idea to implement an affiliate program that lets our community members and partners benefit from letting others know about JamKazam, and the way it works is pretty simple:

  1. If you have a JamKazam user account, you can sign up to join our affiliate program.
  2. You can then grab links to JamKazam that include your affiliate ID and share these JamKazam links with others when you tell them about JamKazam.
  3. When others follow your shared link and sign up for a JamKazam account, each such user account is tagged as being referred by you.
  4. When these users select a premium subscription, we pay you 30% of these subscription fees (which is US$1.50 to US$6.00 per user per month). And when these users purchase JamTracks, we also pay you US$0.25 per JamTrack. 

For individual "normal" JamKazam users, telling your friends about JamKazam is something you do naturally anyway, and with the affiliate program if you get 3 other friends signed up, you've basically paid for your own subscription. Simple ideas here are to post a live session recording or a photo of your JamKazam gear setup or things like this to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on - along with an affiliate link that your friends can click to visit JamKazam and learn more about the platform - so you're not selling anything - just sharing about something cool that you like.

For JamKazam users that have larger sets of musician followers via social media influencer accounts, websites, email lists, and things of this sort, the JamKazam affiliate program offers a way to more seriously monetize your audience and generate a significant passive recurring income stream. 

Signing Up for Affiliate Program

To sign up for the affiliate program, you should first have a JamKazam user account. If you don't yet have a JamKazam account, please go here and sign up: If you already have a JamKazam user account, then go to the home page of the website or desktop application, and click the big orange Account tile (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Account page, and at the bottom of this page is an Affiliate row. Click the "Learn how you can earn..." yellow text link (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the affiliate signup page (pictured below). Review the Affiliate Agreement in the white box, then click the appropriate radio button at the bottom of the page and click the "I Agree" orange button if you agree with the affiliate agreement terms to go ahead and sign up as a JamKazam affiliate. 

Sharing Links

When you are ready to let others know about JamKazam, you need to share special affiliate links that include your unique affiliate ID so that you are properly credited when your referred users sign up for premium plans. To grab these links, start back at the home page of the website or app, and click the Account tile (pictured below with arrow).

You are now looking at the Account page, and now that you've signed up for the affiliate program, you can click on the orange View button on the affiliate row at the bottom of this page (pictured below with arrow).

You are now viewing the Affiliate page. Click the "links" tag at the top of the page, and you'll see a list of affiliate links you can share. Click the yellow "select link" text link on the link you want to share, and the URL/link to the right will be highlighted. Then copy this link to the clipboard, and you are ready to share it. If you don't want to share a link with a visible affiliate code in the URL, you can always use a URL shortener like TinyURL to shorten and obscure the full link text.

Monitoring Progress & Getting Paid

After you have shared links, you can monitor what's happening from this same spot, as follows:

  • Click the Signups tab to see how many JamKazam user account signups are generated from your shared links.
  • Click the Earnings tab to see your monthly earnings from premium subscription and JamTracks purchases made by your referred users. Please note that earnings are generated by purchases and payments made by your referred users. It may take 24 to 48 hours from the time of purchase/payment for the associated earnings to be reflected as earnings on your affiliate page.
  • Click the Agreement tab to review the detailed terms of the affiliate agreement at any time.
  • When you have earnings ready for payment (we pay out quarterly), click the Account tab to enter the information we need to distribute your payment.