JamKazam offers a 30-day free trial period for new users at the Gold premium plan level so that you can get a good sense of the capabilities of the platform. After this 30-day trial period, you can continue with a free plan, as described in our help article on the different subscription plan options. Or you can sign up for a premium plan, to benefit from higher audio and video quality, access to premium features like video, recording, and broadcasting, and to get 1:1 support at the gold and platinum levels. A premium subscription also supports JamKazam's efforts to re-invest into the platform to make it better for our entire community of users. We are a small team, and we sincerely appreciate the support of each of our premium members.

If you would like to sign up for a premium plan, following are instructions on how to do that. To get started, in your browser go to https://www.jamkazam.com/client#/home. Sign in if needed. You will see the JamKazam home page for signed in users. Click the large orange Account tile (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the Account page. Click the orange Update button in the Subscription row on this page (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Subscription page. Click the "subscription plan" list box (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the set of subscription plan options. There are monthly and annual plan options. Annual plans are discounted approximately 20% from the monthly options, while monthly options are more flexible. Whatever plan you choose:

  • If you cancel a plan, JamKazam does not refund the unused portion of your subscription, but there will be no additional charges after your current subscription plan expires.
  • If you downgrade a plan (for example from Gold to Silver), then you will stay on your current plan until it expires, and then the new plan (including billing) will take effect when your current plan expires.
  • If you upgrade a plan (for example from Silver to Gold), then you will be charged a prorated amount for the balance of your current plan term immediately, and when the current plan expires, you will be billed at the new plan level for the next term (monthly or annual as you have selected).

After you have selected the plan you prefer, you must click the orange Update Plan button to save your new plan selection (pictured below with arrow).

After saving your new plan, if you have already entered your payment information, you don't need to do anything else. If this is your first time selecting a premium plan, you need to click the orange Update Payment Method button to enter your payment method information (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Payment Management page. Enter your credit card information, and then click the Submit Card Information button (pictured below with arrow). 

It's important here to note that JamKazam does not receive or store your credit card information. We use a leading payment processing platform called Recurly for this. Recurly is compliant with PCI-DSS security standards and is used by many of the world's top brands, so we are confident in their ability to securely handle this sensitive data.

Also, for anyone who does not want to use their credit card here, JamKazam is planning to implement support for PayPal soon.

When you have saved your payment information successfully, this page will update and show the message "You have a payment method on file already." There are buttons available to update your payment method if needed.