JamKazam offers a Free plan, and there are Silver, Gold, and Platinum premium plans. To select the plan that's right for you, click this link to visit your JamKazam account page for subscription management. And if you are selecting a premium plan, then click this link to visit your JamKazam account page to enter your payment method information. 

Basic descriptions of these plans are summarized below. There is also a 30-day free trial period for all new users, and this 30-day free trial includes the features of the Gold premium plan. You can choose the right plan for you when you sign up, and you won't be charged for the plan you select until your 30-day free trial expires.

JamKazam Plan Summary

  • Free Plan
    Free plan users are limited to a 1-hour maximum session length, a total of 4 hours of session time per month, and a max of 4 players per session. The Free plan does not include access to recording, broadcasting, or video features, and limits audio stream quality to 128kbps per stream. This plan does not include use of our proprietary mesh network for lower Internet latency. And this plan does not include support, other than access to our published help articles in this KnowledgeBase. 
  • Silver Plan
    As compared to the Free plan, this plan increases monthly max play time to 10 hours, with no limits on individual session length, and also removes the session size limit. It upgrades audio stream quality to 192kbps, adds video features (low resolution), and adds broadcasting features for free broadcasts only. And this plan adds access to JamKazam’s mesh network for Internet acceleration and lower Internet latency.
  • Gold Plan
    As compared to the Silver plan, this plan eliminates all play time restrictions, so play time and session size are both unlimited. It upgrades audio stream quality to 256kbps, upgrades video resolution to 720p, and adds recording featuresThis plan adds helpdesk support, so that if you are having a problem, you can open a case/ticket in our helpdesk, and JamKazam staff will provide 1:1 help via email and/or chat.
  • Platinum Plan
    As compared to the Gold plan, this plan upgrades audio stream quality to 512kbps, upgrades video resolution to 1080p, allows busking for tips in broadcast session performances, and allows teaching of music lessons in JamKazam sessions.

JamKazam Plans & Features


Play Time per Session1 Hour Session MaxUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Play Time Per Month4 Hours Monthly Max10 Hours Monthly MaxUnlimitedUnlimited
Max Players Per Session4UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
(CIF - 352x288)
BroadcastingNoFree OnlyFree OnlyBusking Allowed

Internet AccelerationNoYesYesYes
Internet Connectivity YesYesYesYes
VST/AU/MIDI SupportYesYesYesYes
SupportKnowledge Base Docs OnlyKnowledge Base Docs Only1:1 Help Desk Email/Chat1:1 Help Desk Email/Chat


Other Premium JamKazam Offerings
JamTracksPurchased Separately
Premium Ticketed Concert BroadcastsContact Us - concerts@jamkazam.com

How The Plans Interact With Each Other

Each musician on JamKazam must have a JamKazam account, and each musician’s account will be set to one of the plan levels: free, silver, gold, or platinum. 

  • Musicians on any plan level can play with each other in sessions. 
  • A musician with lower plan level is subject to the constraints of that level. 
  • Example: if a free plan user reaches the  4-hour monthly play limit during a session, they have to drop from the session. 
  • Example: a platinum player is streaming 512kbps audio streams to everyone in the session, while a free player streams at 128kbps audio streams to others. 
  • Example: a free player can’t make a recording while in a session, but a gold player can – and the gold player records everyone in the session – including the free player.