Once you have created a session, you may want to invite other musicians to join you in the session to play together. To invite other musicians to join your session, you must first be connected as friends on JamKazam. Click here for instructions on how to search for your friends on JamKazam and then send them a friend request. Once your friends have accepted your connection requests, you can invite them to join your session.

Let's start from the point where you have created a session. In the session below, a user "David Wilson" has created a session and has two audio tracks set up - one for voice and one for an electric guitar. To invite a friend to join your session, start by clicking the "Invite Musicians" text link (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Invite Musicians dialog box. Start typing the name of your friend, and you will see a list of your friends that match (pictured below with arrow).

Click on your friend's name in the list, and your friend will be displayed in a tag (pictured below with arrow). If you want to invite more friends, start typing another friend's name, and pick the friend from the list in the same way - repeat as many times as you like until you've tagged everyone you want to invite. Then click the orange Invite button. Session invitations are sent to your friends. See this help article to learn about receiving and accepting session invitations.

When a friend receives and accepts an invitation, they join your session. When a friend joins your session, you will see a notification message pop up from the bottom center of the app (pictured below with arrow).

And you will see a new audio track displayed for your friend in the "personal mix" section of the session page (pictured below with arrow).