Use the audio recording system, available from the session window, to make audio recordings of your session.

  • Click Record from the session window to open the Recording setup window. Only one person at a time can use this window.
  • Choose Audio only or Audio and Video. Video recording is described in Making Video Recordings.
  • Name your recording. This name is appended to the folder containing the recordings. The format of the file name is:
    The folder name format is:
    YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-AM/PM_[your specified name]
  • Choose an audio format for your recording. Note that this format is specified only for the person starting the recording. Each player can choose their own format from Manage menu > Audio Settings > Audio Recording Format
  • Video Format - not implemented for Beta 2
  • Audio Delay (ms) - not implemented for Beta 2
  • Voice Chat - not implemented for Beta 2
  • Cancel - click to cancel the recording before you start
  • Start Recording - click to start the recording

What happens when you record?

When you click the Start Recording button, all the players in the session see their Record button turn Red Orange and change to Stop Recording.

Any player can stop the recording. When the recording is stopped, a file window opens for each user, showing the folder in which the recordings have been stored. 

Things to note:

  • Each player's recordings are saved in that player's selected format.
  • Each player's recording folder contains one file for each of the player's audio tracks, one file for each of the other players, and a stream mix.
  • The player's files for their own audio tracks are in the highest resolution allowed by the specified file format. See Choosing an audio recording format below.
  • The files for the remote players are stored at "stream resolution", Even if the selected format is an uncompressed format, the quality of the files is stream-quality at best.
  • If you would like to create a mix from the recorded files with the best possible resolution, each user should select an uncompressed format, and send the files for their own local tracks to the person creating the mix.

Choosing an audio recording format

You can choose an audio recording format in the following ways:

  • From the recording window. Only the user starting the recording can do this, and the format is chosen only for that user. Other users' recordings are saved in the currently select format on their machines.
  • From the Manage menu at Manage > Audio Settings >Audio Settings > Audio Recording Format.

These formats are currently supported:
- MP3 - the default - a ubiquitous proprietary compressed format
- WAV - Windows uncompressed format
- OGG - Vorbis non-proprietary compressed audio format
- FLAC - (Free Lossless Audio Codec) a non-proprietary lossless compression format
- AU - Apple's uncompressed format