Use the Beta recording system to record your session. Some advantages of this system over the current recording system:

  • Recordings are available immediately.
  • A target directory can be specified for any recording.
  • Recordings can be named before you record, and can use special tags to indicate the user, host, date and time.
  • Recordings can be saved in one of several formats.

Note: there is a limitation in the current version that limits the number of players you can record to two. You cannot open the window (the Record button is disabled) when there are more than two players in a sesssion. In the next version, this will be the primary method of recording, and the number of players you can record is determined by your subscription level.

Opening the Recorder Window

Currently you open the Recorder window using the Pro Audio Mixer:

  1. From the Manage menu, choose Audio Settings > Pro Audio Mixer. The mixer window appears.
  2. Click the red Record button In the upper left of the Mixer window.

    The Recording window opens:

About the Recorder Window

Use the recorder window to do the following:

  • Start and Stop recordings
  • Select a recording format
  • Choose a target directory
  • Specify a filename or naming scheme

Choosing an output format

Click to choose a format from the dropdown menu:

  • .wav - Uncompressed - saves the file in uncompressed format at the sample rate being used by your audio interface
  • .ogg (Vorbis) - Compressed - saves the file in compressed Ogg-Vorbis format. This format can be read by certain readily available players.
  • .au - Uncompressed - saves the file in uncompressed format at the sample rate being used by your audio interface 
  • .flac - Lossless compressed - saves the file using the FLAC format (Free Lossless Audio Codec)

Choosing a Target directory

Enter or paste the path to the directory you want to use to store the files, or click Browse to select it.

Specifying a Filename

Enter a file name, including any tags you want to use, in the Filename box. Use these tags to include session information in the file names

  • %date - Includes the current date in YYYY-MM-DD format in the filename
  • %time - Includes the current time in 24-hour HH-MM-SS format in the filename 
  • %host - Includes  the Host's name in the filename 
  • %user - Includes the User's name in the filename