Between JamKazam and your audio interface, there are many places where you can set levels. It's not hard to mess things up. Typically, users run into trouble when one stage overdrives the next one.

Here's an approach that seems to work well.

1. Start by creating a private session. By the time you get here, you should be able to hear yourself somewhat in JamKazam.

2. Assuming you have a mic connected to your interface, mouse over the speaker icon in the "Audio Inputs" column of the session page. A meter and level control (fader) appear. Notice that at the top of the meter, there's a "Volume" label, and just below that is a number that corresponds to the level of the fader.

3. Make sure that fader is set to 0db.

4. On your audio interface, adjust the gain or level for the microphone so that one red light on the meter lights when you talk fairly loudly.

5. Adjust your headphone level so it sounds good.

6. Mouse over the speaker icon for any other inputs (if you are using them - guitars, etc.) and adjust them in a similar manner (until a red light shows occasionally on the meter.

At this point, everything should sound pretty good. When others enter a session, you should only need to tweak levels in your personal mix, and probably not very much.

That's it. Happy jamming!