ASIO4ALL is a popular audio driver recommended by many manufacturers for use with DAWs on Windows systems. Many people have tried to use it with JamKazam.

The short answer is:

We have never been able to get ASIO4ALL to work with JamKazam.

If you have a Behringer interface for which ASIO4ALL is recommended (this writer has one) there is a driver made by Behringer that we've found will probably work.

If you are using another device, like a USB mic or other USB interface that recommends ASIO4ALL, unfortunately we can't recommend that device for use with JamKazam on Windows. 

Class-compliant Interfaces

We've found that most "class-compliant" devices, the ones that are usually referred to a "plug-and-play" that don't normally require a driver, work quite well with JamKazam and Mac's CoreAudio driver.

Only interfaces with manufacturer-provided drivers seem to work with Windows machines and JamKazam.