To use a VST instrument, you need to create a MIDI track and assign an instrument to it.

1. From the Home page, click the Account tile.
2. On the Audio Gear line, click the Update button.
3. In the Audio Profiles list, click Configure for the active audio profile (it's marked "active").
4. Click Add MIDI Track.
5. In the Add Track window, select a MIDI interface, and a VST or AU instrument plugin.
6. Below the MIDI Instrument selector, click Settings. The control panel for the selected instrument appears. You can select the sound you want if there are multiple options.
7. Click Add Track. The MIDI track appears in the Audio Configuration window,
8. Click Save Settings. The track is saved with the audio profile.
9. Test it by creating a session. (We recommend using Quick Start Private).
The MIDI track shows up as its own block in both the Audio Inputs section and the Personal Mix section of the Session page.

Note: Only 32-bit VST instruments are supported on Windows machines at the moment.