To start your musical journey with JamKazam, go to the home page of our website at Click the big orange button "Join Today, Play Free!" (pictured below with arrow). 

You will now see the signup page to create your JamKazam user account. Please fill in all the requested information, click the small checkbox to agree to the JamKazam terms of service, click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, and then click the orange Create Account button (pictured below with arrow). 

You will now see a page with a "Congratulations! Your account is ready." message. On this page, click the big blue button labeled "Download JamKazam for Windows" (pictured below with arrow). 

The JamKazam app installer will download where files typically download through your browser (pictured below with arrow for Chrome). 

Click the downloaded file to open the JamKazam app package, and you will see a windows with two icons - one for the JamKazam app and another for the Applications folder on your Mac (pictured below). Single click and hold on the JamKazam app icon, drag it over to the Applications folder icon, and drop it on the Applications folder icon. You will see a Mac status message telling you that your Mac is copying the JamKazam application into the Applications folder.

Now open the Finder on your Mac (pictured below)

On the left side of the Finder, click the Applications folder link (pictured below with arrow). Then look in the list of applications to the right to find the JamKazam application icon (pictured below with arrow). Double click this app icon to start the JamKazam app.

You now see the home page of the JamKazam app. Click the yellow "Sign In" text link in the upper right corner of the screen (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the Sign In screen. Please enter the email address and password you set up for your account when you signed up earlier in this process on the JamKazam website. Then click the orange Sign In button (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the home screen of the JamKazam app, and you see your name in the upper right corner of the screen (pictured below with arrow), indicating that you have successfully signed in and are now ready to start using the JamKazam app. 

If you have your audio interface and are ready to set it up to work with the app, your next step is to install any software that is needed to make your audio interface work properly on your computer. For instructions on this next step, please click here for the help article with instructions for installing audio interface driver software on a Mac computer

If you don't have an audio interface and other gear ready to use with the JamKazam app, we'd suggest that you: