Before setting up your Motu M2 audio interface to work with the JamKazam app, you must first set it up to work properly with/on your Windows computer. To do this, you need to install a piece of software called a "driver" that was developed by Motu. This software driver controls the operation of the audio interface hardware as it interacts with your Windows computer. Following are instructions on how to: (1) download the latest/greatest version of the software driver for your Motu M2, and yes it's important that you use the latest version of the driver software; and (2) install the software driver on your Windows computer. 

To get started, open your browser, and go to Click the Downloads link near the top of the page (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the Downloads page (pictured below). 

Scroll down the Downloads page until you see the section of the page titled "MOTU Product Downloads". Click the blue Download button under the M2/M4 header to download the Motu driver software for Windows (pictured below with arrow).

You will see the driver file downloaded through your browser in the way your browser typically downloads files from websites (pictured below with arrow). Click the downloaded file to open it. When you do this, you will likely see a Windows prompt asking if you want the Motu software to be able to update your Windows computer. Please click "Yes" to allow the Motu installer to run.

You now see the first screen of the Motu installer. Click the Next button (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the next screen of the Motu installer. Click the "I accept the agreement" radio button to accept the Motu software license terms. Then click the Install button (pictured below with arrow).

You now see the last screen of the Motu installer. Click the Finish button (pictured below with arrow). Please note that this will cause a restart of your computer, so before clicking the Finish button, you may wish to make sure you've saved any open files, etc.

When your computer has finished restarting, connect the USB cable from the Motu M2 to a USB port on your computer. The Motu software will launch and display in a window on your computer screen (pictured below). 

Since the configuration options are handy, let's go ahead and change a couple of settings that will minimize your audio processing latency in sessions. To do this:

  • Leave the Sample Rate value set to "48000".
  • Click the Buffer Size list box, and change this value from "256" to "16".
  • Check the checkbox labeled "Use lowest latency safety offsets".

These two changes are both pictured below with arrows. 

You have now successfully installed the Motu M2 software driver. You can click the "X" in the upper right corner of the M2 settings window to close it if you like.

Your next step in the setup process is to configure your audio interface to work with the JamKazam application. Click here for instructions on how to start the audio setup wizard to do this.