Whether you join JamKazam together with a group of friends in a band or join alone and meet/make new friends in JamKazam's open jam sessions, getting connected as friends on JamKazam will make it easier to join sessions together on the platform. Following are instructions on how to get connected.

To get started, you need to find your friend. On the right side of the JamKazam app, click the box under "search" where you see the text "enter search terms" (pictured below with arrow).

Start typing in the first and last name of your friend. As you type, and when you pause typing, JamKazam will display a list of matching JamKazam users. Scan the list of matches, and identify the person you're looking for. Then click the orange Connect button next to that user's name (pictured below with arrow).

When you click the Connect button, you will see an "Invitation Sent!" message that replaces the Connect button, and you will also see a status message pop up from the bottom center of the app page for a few seconds and then disappear (pictured below with arrows). 

When your friend receives this friend request and accepts it (instructions on how to accept a friend request are here), you will see that person listed in the "friends" section in the blue column on the right side of the JamKazam app (pictured below with arrow).

You can now invite your friend to join sessions, send a chat message to your friend within the app, and more.