A metronome can be a handy feature for music sessions, either when you can use some assistance in maintaining a consistent tempo, or when latency is higher in your online session and the metronome helps keep everyone together. To use the metronome, click the "Use Metronome" text link in the "Recorded Audio" section of the session screen (see below with arrow).

The metronome feature is opened into the JamKazam session. An audio track for the metronome is displayed in the Recorded Audio section of the session screen (see below with arrow). To adjust the volume of the metronome audio, simply hover your mouse over the volume icon on this track, and pull the slider control up or down, just like any other audio track.

The player control for the metronome is displayed in a small floating window (see below with arrow). 

You can grab this player window by the title bar and move it around on your screen. Click the Play button to start playback of the metronome, or click the Pause button to pause metronome playback. You can use the Sound list box control to select a different metronome sound, and use the Tempo list box control to select a different tempo. When you are done using the metronome, click the orange Close Metronome button in the player window, and the audio track and player window will disappear.

If you make recordings or broadcast your session, the metronome audio click will not be included in the recording or broadcast master audio mix, so you can use the metronome without disrupting the audio mix in these features.

That's about all you need to know about using the basic metronome features in JamKazam. Below is a video you can also watch to learn more about how the JamKazam metronome works. Our metronome is not a normal metronome - it's actually a real-time, distributed metronome, and the video explains how it works conceptually.