Before getting into your first JamKazam session with other musicians, it's a good idea to create a private session just for yourself, and use this private session to get your audio input levels set properly and make sure all of your gear is configured and working properly.

To start a private session, follow the instructions in this help article on creating sessions in the section titled "Quick Start Private". 

When you have successfully created the session, you will see a screen that looks like the one below. Your audio input tracks are displayed in the left column of the screen, under the white text header "audio inputs". In the screenshot below, the JamKazam user has set up two audio tracks/inputs - one for a vocal microphone and one for an electric guitar. To check the audio input level on the vocal mic track, hover your mouse over the volume icon on that track (see below with arrow).


You now see a pop-up that displays colored meter lights (called a VU meter) that show the audio input level for this track (see below).

For each of your audio input tracks, you should look at the VU meter, and then play your instrument or sing/speak into your vocal microphone at the volume you'd be playing/singing in sessions. While doing this, watch to see where the meters light up. You want to get the input signal from your instrument or voice up to the top of the green and maybe one notch into the orange, but not higher than that – to avoid possible distortion or clipping on your audio input signal (see above with arrow).

If your meter lights are not getting to the top of the green, your audio signal isn't strong enough, and you should turn up your input level for that track. To do this, you can turn the physical knob labeled "Gain" on your audio interface (see below with one arrow pointing at each of the gain knobs for each audio input on the interface). 

Or you can pull the slider up in the JamKazam app to increase the gain/input level from inside our app (see below with arrow). When you have the meters lighting up to the right target level for your audio inputs, you're all set.

If the meter lights do not light up or move at all, this means you're not getting any input signal at all, and something is not set up right. A few things to check include:

  • Try turning the gain knob all the way up to the right on your audio interface. Sometimes you have to turn this knob pretty far to get a decent signal.
  • Make sure your microphone or instrument is connected properly to the audio interface input port.
  • If you are using a microphone, check to see if your microphone has an on/off switch, and if so that it is turned on.
  • If you are using an electronic instrument, make sure the instrument is powered on, and that the volume is turned up on the instrument.