At this point, you should have finished installing the software driver for your audio interface, following the directions in this help article

Assuming you have successfully installed the software driver for your interface, the other thing you need to do before starting the setup wizard is to prepare all of your audio gear for use, as follows:

  • Connect your audio interface to your computer
  • Connect your headphones to the headphone jack on your audio interface
  • Turn up the headphone volume knob on your audio interface to about 50% of max volume
  • Connect any instruments, microphones, or other audio sources you'll be using into the input ports on your audio interface - if your interface has controls to set the input type, you should set input ports as follows (if you can't figure out how to set the input type, don't worry, you can figure this out later):
    • Use "mic" type for microphones
    • Use "inst" or "instrument" type for electronic instruments like an electric or bass guitar
    • Use "line" for a mixer or other amplified audio source
  • Turn up the gain knob to about 80% of max input level on any input port that has an instrument or microphone or other audio source connected
  • Turn off the direct monitoring feature (if your audio interface supports this feature) - if you don't know what this is, please review this help article on direct monitoring, and then come back to this help article to continue forward

You are now ready to move ahead and start the audio gear setup wizard to configure your audio interface to make it work with the JamKazam Windows application. 

With the JamKazam app opened to the home screen, click the orange "Account" tile (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the Account screen of the app. Click the orange Update button in the "Audio Gear" row of this page (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the Audio Profiles screen. Click the orange Add New Gear button (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see the audio gear setup wizard, opened at step 1: Understand Your Gear. Since you're following these help doc instructions, you can simply click the Next button on this screen (pictured below with arrow). 

You now see step 2: Select & Test Audio Gear (pictured below). 

At this point, you are ready to configure your audio interface settings for use with the JamKazam app. Please click here to review the help doc that provides instructions on how to complete step 2 of the wizard.