As we've noted elsewhere, it is very important to connect your computer to your home router via an Ethernet cable versus using WiFi for Internet connectivity. This makes a very dramatic difference in the latency in your JamKazam sessions. Below is an image of what an Ethernet port and an Ethernet cable look like.

Aside from quality, the only two things to really consider with an Ethernet cable are:

  • Version - You can get Cat5, Cat6, etc. Getting later/higher versions of Ethernet cables doesn't make any difference in the Internet latency in your sessions at all, so don't worry about that. It's really just a matter of compatibility. If you purchase an Ethernet adapter for your computer, double check if that adapter is compatible only with certain cable versions.
  • Length - This is an individual attribute specific to you and your setup at home. Identify where in your home your Internet router is located. Then decide where in your home you are going to want to play and/or sing in JamKazam sessions. Make sure you buy an Ethernet cable long enough to reach from your home router to the spot in your home that you want to play. You can get an Ethernet cable up to 100 feet in length (inexpensively), so you don't have to set up to play right next to your home router. You can run a long Ethernet cable across your entire house for a JamKazam session, then coil it up and stick it in a drawer when you're done until your next session.

Following are JamKazam's gear recommendations for Ethernet cables. To be clear:

  • JamKazam isn't selling these cables to you, and we don't have an interest in which stand you buy, so we don't have any conflict of interest or ulterior motive to push you in a particular direction. We are making recommendations to be helpful to our user community. Our hope is that we can help you spend less time conducting product research, save money on your purchases by getting a product with great performance combined with a lower price, and also get a good quality product that will last.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, JamKazam has set up an Amazon affiliate account, and the links to the products below use our affiliate code. This means that if you use the links in the tables below and buy any of these products, JamKazam will get a small % of the Amazon sale. The does not cost you anything, and it can help contribute a little money to helping us keep JamKazam running and improving. 

OK, so on to the actual Ethernet cables. In the table below, we list a couple of Ethernet cables that we've used and found to be good value and quality. 

Ethernet Cables

CableApprox. CostComments
Amazon Basics (Various Lengths up to 50 Feet)USD$7 to $15
Amazon Link
Cat6 Ethernet cable sourced by Amazon Basics, typically good value and quality.
100 Ft
Amazon Link
If you need a very long Ethernet cable, it's hard to beat this 100-foot Cat6 Ethernet cable for about $13.