Following are JamKazam's gear recommendations for mixers. To be clear:

  • You don't need a mixer unless you are a multi-instrumentalist with a bunch of different instruments and microphones and such that you want to keep connected at all times. For mere mortals who play an instrument or two and maybe sing a bit, you should be fine with just an audio interface. 
  • Your choice of mixer won't impact your latency in sessions - as long as you are using an ANALOG mixer - so your choice of mixer is really up to you.
  • JamKazam isn't selling these mixers to you, and we don't have an interest in which mixer you buy, so we don't have any conflict of interest or ulterior motive to push you in a particular direction. We are making recommendations to be helpful to our user community.
  • In the interest of full disclosure, JamKazam has set up an Amazon affiliate account, and the links to the products below use our affiliate code. This means that if you use the links in the tables below and buy any of these products, JamKazam will get a small % of the Amazon sale. The does not cost you anything, and it can help contribute a little money to helping us keep JamKazam running and improving. 
  • Most multi-instrumentalists already own a mixer, and you can and likely should just use the mixer you already have if you currently own one. 

OK, so on to the actual mixers. For many of these gear recommendation categories, there are several products that we recommend. For mixers, we're recommending just one - not because it's the best mixer ever or because there aren't a ton of great mixers out there. We're recommending just because it's a really solid and inexpensive mixer for anyone who needs one for JamKazam but doesn't already own one. 

Analog Mixers

MixerApprox. CostComments
Behringer Xenyx 1002BUSD$160
Amazon Link
This is really just a solid analog mixer, with a low price point, good build quality, and nice pre-amps and EQs.