If you haven't yet read our general help article on the gear you need to play and/or sing on JamKazam, we recommend you read that article now and then come back to this one. 

For musicians who play lots of instruments, if you prefer not to have to constantly be plugging and unplugging different instruments and resetting your audio input level as you swap from one instrument to another, this help article provides configuration advice for you.

For multi-instrumentalists, your best option may be to simply use an analog mixer connected to the audio input ports on the audio interface for your Windows computer or for your Mac computer using a pair of standard 1/4" audio cablesBelow is an image of the two ends of this cable type, just in case you're not sure. Analog mixers will not add any latency to your setup, so this is a good option for connecting a bunch of instruments and mics to a single audio interface.

In this configuration, connect the left audio output port of your analog mixer to the left audio input port of your audio interface, and the right audio output port of your analog mixer to the right audio input port of your audio interface, as shown in the diagram belowThen plug a pair of headphones into the headphone port on your audio interface (not your mixer - or you won't hear anyone else in your sessions). Then connect all of your instruments and microphones to the mixer as you normally would, and get your levels set on the mixer where you want them for each instrument and/or vocal channel.